Sunday, March 28, 2010


Many months ago I posted a link asking everyone to sign up for swagbucks as a referral from me. I thought I would give some more information in case you are interested! I have already earned over $130 in Amazon gift cards by cashing in my swagbucks, and have 5 more to purchase the first of the month.

Swagbucks is a website that is just a search engine like google or something else. (It's actually powered by google.) However, as you use it to search the world wide web you earn "swagbucks", which can then be used to purchase gift cards to places like Amazon or Starbucks (lots more to choose from.) You can also shop at a lot of online stores through their website and earn 1 swagbuck for every $5 you spend. When you sign up using my referral link I earn swagbucks every time you do. Plus, you can have someone sign up under you and earn more swagbucks for yourself! Since starting this, I have already earned tons of swagbucks for doing nothing but what I usually do! When I get to 45 swagbucks, I can buy a $5 Amazon gift card! They add up quickly, and I have bought lots of things we need and want but couldn't otherwise buy. It's pretty cool!

And here's a tip....if you sign up, you can make swagbucks be your search engine on your internet page, and then even search the things you know the web address for. That is what we do and it is how we earn the most bucks. (like facebook,, etc.) I type it into the search box, then clikc on the website that shows up is just as fast and I earn bucks every day!

Consider doing it....

If you are interested, sign up at Swagbucks.

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