Friday, March 26, 2010

Carter Luke Vermilyea - Part 2

Week 32 arrived and we went back to the doctor for the follow-up ultrasound. I was a little hesitant, but felt like we would find out everything was normal with our son’s arm. Once again, the technician could not see the baby’s right hand and forearm, but said it was unclear whether it was actually not there, or just hidden under the baby. Ryan and I talked about it with the doctor and decided we wouldn’t do any more ultrasounds, since the baby was getting too big to really see well anyway. We knew the ultrasound wasn’t going to change anything, so we didn’t plan another one.

We left the doctor that day feeling differently than we thought we would. We thought for sure that we would leave having seen both his arms/hands. Instead, we left more unsure than before. But, once again, we knew that God was in control. We continued to pray for God to heal him if it was true about his missing limbs, but also prayed with the confidence that no matter what, God was forming a baby in me the way He planned him to be. He was being created by THE Creator. We still hoped for him to not have to deal with extra difficulties in life, but we trusted in the Lord. The next day we talked with the doctor again and decided to have one more ultrasound, a Level 2 (just more indepth) to see if it would be more clear. We just wanted one more opportunity to have some clarity. So we scheduled a Level 2 ultrasound.

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