Monday, November 24, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We need a caption!
Can you think of a good caption for this picture? We are looking for some funny captions. We rarely get any comments on the blog and thought this would be a fun way to get a few! We are shooting for at least 10 comments. Have some fun!
Caroline and I took a few self-portraits this evening. She loved it and we had fun! Just us girls!

This is Caroline and her good friend Cameron! She talks about him all day long.

Thanks for my new outfit, Grammie! My parents think I look so cute!

Wearing my mommy's shoes...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Camping Trip to Stone Mountain

Me and Caroline on my birthday!
First time playing putt-putt!

Coloring in the camper one night...

The beautiful scenery!

A Trip to Chuck E. Cheese
Last week we took our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese for Caroline's friend Cameron's birthday! What an experience. Luckily it was a Tuesday night so it wasn't very busy. She had fun, as you can see from the pictures. She still talks about Chuck E. (as she calls him).

(No, that isn't me in this picture, it's Cameron's mom.)

Waiting on cake and pizza!

Recent Pictures

Thanks for my shoes, Uncle Tim! I can finally fit into them!

Caroline is eating things with a spoon these days. So, I let her try chili one night. What a mess!

This is how I found Caroline when I went to check on her during a nap. She was usually awake at that time so I just peeked in her door. This girl loves to read!

Just a cute one!

Playing Dress Up

Visiting local shops with the story time group and my friend Cameron

Posing with Daddy

Coloring at story time at the library

Playing at Chickfila

My friend Nathan!

An Early Christmas Message
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Monday, November 17, 2008

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Friday, November 7, 2008

It's my Honey's birthday!

Okay, okay, I know that Kim is usually the one that posts on this blog. But today I’m taking a crack at it because this is a very special day. Today, Kim is turning another year older. Now, I’m not going to tell you exactly how old that is because it is not polite to tell a woman’s age. I will tell you that she was born in Phoenix, AZ, in 19—oops, almost gave it away there. She went to UCF like I did and graduated in –ahh, it almost slipped out again! I know: I will tell you one reason I love her for every year of her life. I will let you do the math should you so choose. That shouldn’t get me in trouble…right?

*She loves the Lord with all of her heart.
*She is really creative and knows more than a thing or two about interior decorating.
*She has a beautiful singing voice.
*She loves staying home with Caroline.
*She knows to order my CFA sandwich with no pickle.
*She introduced me to Cheerwine (don't worry, it's a soft drink).
*She is completely loyal to UCF football and UNC basketball.
*She would totally rock an “air drums” competition!
*She is the best cook in the world. (If you know her at all, this goes without saying.)
*She still reaches for my hand every time we pray.
*She leaves her phone alarm on “Everyday,” but forgets it when she goes to bed (picture hide-and-seek with the phone at 6:15am)
*She has coupons for practically every store in America, and she knows how to use them.
*She is a good running partner.
*She makes sure that I am color-coordinated before I walk out the door.
*She keeps me laughing.
*She has a pretty crazy laugh herself.
*She supports me unconditionally in the ministry.
*She does great impersonations of some Southern Gospel singers.
*She is okay driving a nine-year old CR-V, but dreams of a new Odyssey some day.
*She can spot a good deal at a garage sale from a mile away.
*She secretly gives me sweet tea (ugh!) just to watch me wince from the unexpected taste.
*She is organizationally gifted (which is good for a pack rat like me).
*She worked hard to support us while I was in seminary.
*She surprises me with chocolate milk when she goes to the grocery store.
*She encourages me when I get discouraged.
*She does not mind getting Caroline up by herself so I can go run sometimes.
*She knows how to fold my socks.
*She asks for the phone when the telemarketers call.
*She has a gorgeous smile.
*She loves me…in spite of me.

Happy birthday, Kim! I love you more each day.