Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pictures for Daddy

Caroline and I are back in Florida visiting my parents and Ryan's family. We are enjoying our trip! However, Ryan is missing seeing Caroline! (And of course, me, I assume!)

Here are some pictures for him:

And here are some pictures of her sleeping sweetly last night:

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Beautiful Snow.... (Our house now, after a morning of snow....)

The heavy snow warning was changing to a snow advisory, and it has been snowing since about 9:30 this morning. It is beautiful, and hasn't stopped! We bundled all of us up and went out to enjoy it when Caroline got up from her nap. We didn't want it to melt before we could have fun in it! Caroline didn't really know what to think, and made no objections or good reactions to the snow. She just looked at it. Ryan tried to sled, but didn't go too far. Maybe it will stay for awhile and we can make a snowman!

Here is the snow around 11:00 or 11:30 this morning:


They have been forecasting possible snow for several days now for today, Saturday. Of course, I don't get my hopes up because in Wake Forest, you never got what was forecasted. Well, today I woke up early in anticipation of the what the weather might be and went to the National Weather Service website, and we are under a Heavy Snow Warning! Kinda we'll see what happens. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Marathon Runners

We just returned on Monday from Orlando where Ryan and my brothers ran in the Disney Marathon. We had a great time being able to see all my family and Ryan's family while we were there. The guys did a great job running the marathon and all finished in good shape! I am so proud of them, as we all were. Congratulaions Ryan, Andy, and Jeff!

I will post some pictures from our weekend as soon as I get them all. Can't wait to show you our runners!
It's Snowing!

Well, it's not really snowing right now, but it has off and on today. And it is sleeting now! We are getting a wintry mix as they call it. It started around 2:00 this afternoon with snow, then heavier snow, then sleet, then some major ice on our way to church! It was piling up like snow on the grass, cars, etc.! We totally didn't expect it, since they called for just a little wintry mix. I am used to living in Wake Forest where they call for snow/ice, and we get nothing. So, anyway, we are just staying warm as it is below freezing now and yucky outside. If it was snowing, and not icy, it would be pretty! :)

We put Caroline in her big jacket to head to church and thought the picture was cute!

Here is a picture of the beginning snow this afternoon. Not much, but it was the best shot I could get. You have to look into the green of the trees to see the white snow!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Here are just some pictures from our last week or so.

Caroline loves her new bath seat! She splashes and plays around a lot.

Great smile...

Bundled up for our 12 degree wind chill day...

Waking up with bed head for the first time!

Making me proud...checking out the clearance tag on the Target shoes!

Ryan loves this picture. It really is a great one. It shows her personality so much!

The Ward's Visit

My parents came into town the day after Christmas. We enjoyed having them here for several days! We had Christmas again with them and had a great time! Caroline got some more toys and enjoyed playing with them.

Here are some pictures from their visit:

Christmas 2007 with the Wards-some of the pictures

They got Caroline a swing for Christmas. We had a warmer afternoon so we took her outside to use it! She LOVED it. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.

Ryan had a birthday just after Christmas. Caroline celebrated by wearing her cupcake onesie. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Cute Picture:


We had a wonderful Christmas morning. It was a fun first Christmas with Caroline, also! We opened presents before Caroline took a nap, and continued while she was sleeping. Then, we had a big breakfast with muffins, monkey bread, Christmas egg casserolle, sausage balls, and oranges! It was tasty! Then, we put put Caroline's toys together or out of packages. When she woke up it was a fun time to let her play with her new toys! She surprised me how much she really played with them. She is growing up so much!
We all enjoyed being together on Christmas morning. We were blessed with wonderful gifts and time to celebrate our Lord together.

Have fun viewing the pictures!
Christmas 2007-Christmas morning (some)
Here is a picture of the Chick-fil-a Dwarf House.

Caroline tried her first little bit of Chick-fil-a ice cream-my favorite!

The Vermilyea's Visit

Ryan's family came into town a few days before Christmas. We had a great visit with them. His parents and siblings got to be here, along with Katie and Frank. They even brough their little dog, too! :) Caroline seemed to love the constant attention.
On Christmas Eve we ate lunch at a Chick-fil-a Dwarf House. It was a pretty neat place! If you haven't tried one out, go there if you are ever around Atlanta. (Oh, and if you are around Atlanta, please let us know....we will meet you there! We are always up for some Chick-fil-a!)
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve service at our church. It was at 11:30 PM, so that was interesting. We got Caroline up and went, because we didn't want to miss it! She did well and actually stayed awake for the whole 30 minute service. The service was a wonderful time focusing on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Check out our pictures from their visit! (Christmas morning pics will be later...)

Christmas 2007-Vermilyea Visit (some)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Visit to Salisbury, NC

During the middle of December Caroline and I had the opportunity to go to Salisbury with my parents to visit my grandma, Mildred. My parents were already going and flying through Atlanta, so we decided to take the opportunity to meet them at the airport and tag along! It was a great opportunity that we didn't want to pass up. We had a great time. As with all the other times we have flown, Caroline did a great job! She slept in Grandpa's lap the first flight, and Grandma's on the way back! Didn't even fuss....

Caroline and Grandpa in the airport...

Playing with Grandma...

Wearing her cute hat...

Enjoying her time with MawMaw...

Almost 8 months old....AMAZING!

Caroline turned 7 months old in December, but I am a little late in posting because on Monday she will be 8 months old! I am going to try to catch you up on what's been going on with us since I posted last, but it will take a few posts, as we are busy here! :)

Caroline loves to play in the bath! She splashes around and has a good time!

She still loves to eat!