Sunday, April 27, 2008

We have the MOST amazing baby! She can do pull-ups! However, she gets mighty hungry when she works out. Watch the video below...

Yesterday Ryan took a two hour nap on the living room floor. When Caroline got up from her nap she played all over him, but she didn't get him to get up! When he did get up, Caroline loved laying on his pillow.

Caroline wore this pretty red dress to church today. She was sitting with me when she got home from church and Ryan got her picture. We both looked at the pictures and couldn't believe how big she is getting. Her face looks older to us. Enjoy the pics of our growing girl.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our rose bush, garden, and strawberry plant!

Look how different they look from last Saturday!

The roses even smell pretty!

Our garden is doing well, except for the cucumbers. I think we are going to have to replant those.

Our strawberry plants are doing well. You can see there is one ready to be picked in the picture. I even ate one yesterday!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Caroline's exercauser turns into this fun s-shaped table. Now that Caroline is pulling up she is enjoying it!

She is pulling up and getting into everything.

I love the face she is making here!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Caroline is pulling up and playing ball!

Caroline started pulling up at random times a month or so ago. However it wasn't until today that she did it over and over again. Ryan would sit her down and she would do it again. She loves it and is obviously proud of herself at being able to do it. We are proud of her too! Here is a video of it, and a few pictures to follow. They are both of her so happy after standing up!

We also took a video of her playing with the mini soccer ball that Ryan got her a few weeks ago. She loves to sit in front of you and roll/throw it back and forth! It is fun to her, and to us.

As I write this, she is trying to stand up all over the room!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Rose Bush, Our Garden, and Our Yard

We have a pretty big (at least to us) rose bush in our front yard. This is our first spring here so we had no idea if it would actually bloom or not. For the first time yesterday we saw that it had blooms!

See the blooms on their way!

Our first rose!

The rose bush is just outside our front window. I looked out today and saw that we had more roses opening. It was kind of exciting! These are some pictures I took today. It is amazing to see God's creation and how it changes so much, even overnight.

I really wanted to experiment with a garden this year. Since we are renting, we decided to do a raised garden. Ryan got it all set up and ready last weekend, and this past Friday we got everything planted. We had started with seeds in some peat pellets, and planted what had grown these past weeks. This will be a trial and error year with our garden, but hopefully we will have some success!

Here is a picture of the garden, a neat stake that I got a pack of at the dollar spot in Target, and a strawberry plant that I transplanted from someone else's yard.

I also wanted to share a picture of the tree behind Caroline's swing. About three weeks ago the tree was completely bare. Then, when my mom and I were out about two weeks ago with Caroline we saw the beginning of leaves on the branches. Now look at it! I wanted to post a picture so my mom could see how quickly it changed! Once again, I have been so amazed by all God has created.

Thanks, Uncle Tim!
Caroline looked so cute dressed in this fun outfit that Uncle Tim bought her when we were in Orlando in March. We had to get a picture to share.

Being Silly!

Here are a few shots of Caroline this week when I was trying to take her picture.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

11 Months Old!
Caroline turned 11 months old on Monday. I can't believe she is almost one!

My good friend Rosemary visited this week and we had a great time! She flew in Sunday night into the craziest airport we had ever seen. It was so busy with it being the end of spring break here in the Atlanta area. We had a fun, lazy day on Monday, went to the library and Target on Tuesday, and went and acted like tourists on Wednesday! We went to the World of Coca-Cola and the Varsity before heading back to the airport. Thanks for coming to visit, Rosemary! Ryan and I, and especially Caroline, enjoyed your time here!

Rosemary and Caroline smiling in front of a foreign Coke machine.

We got to get our picture with the Coca-Cola polar bear. There was a real person under that costume, and Caroline didn't know what to think when it was moving and waving to her.

Reality Check

Ok, so I've been thinking that there were certain things that Kim does with Caroline while I'm at work. Things like: building with blocks, reading books, and crawling. However, I came home early one day last week and was in for a real shock! I taped the scene as I went inside:

At least their snack was nutritious and whole-grain!
Here are some recent videos of Caroline.

Caroline made us laugh here! I was trying to video her talking because she was talking up a storm! Then, when she realized the camera was on her, she stopped and stared at the camera!
I just loved this picture so I thought I would post it! She is precious!

We are starting a garden and had planted some seeds to start some plants. We took Caroline out to see the beginnings of our starter plants on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. She was interested in them!

The next day a Clydesdale was in town to adverstise for an Atlanta radio station that now airs out of Senoia. We took Caroline up to see it.

My parents came to visit for a few days last week on their way back from North Carolina. We enjoyed their time here. We had beautiful weather during that time, so Caroline got to swing a lot. She LOVES being outside, and especially swinging in her swing!

A three generation picture!

What a funny look...

She got into my VBS stuff!

Caroline loves reading with her Daddy!

Friday, April 4, 2008

I know we have all heard about Oprah and the false religion she is teaching. But this video seemed to really open up more of what she is doing. It made it more clear to me. It is quite scary. Please watch the video below and spread to your family and friends.