Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Rose Bush, Our Garden, and Our Yard

We have a pretty big (at least to us) rose bush in our front yard. This is our first spring here so we had no idea if it would actually bloom or not. For the first time yesterday we saw that it had blooms!

See the blooms on their way!

Our first rose!

The rose bush is just outside our front window. I looked out today and saw that we had more roses opening. It was kind of exciting! These are some pictures I took today. It is amazing to see God's creation and how it changes so much, even overnight.

I really wanted to experiment with a garden this year. Since we are renting, we decided to do a raised garden. Ryan got it all set up and ready last weekend, and this past Friday we got everything planted. We had started with seeds in some peat pellets, and planted what had grown these past weeks. This will be a trial and error year with our garden, but hopefully we will have some success!

Here is a picture of the garden, a neat stake that I got a pack of at the dollar spot in Target, and a strawberry plant that I transplanted from someone else's yard.

I also wanted to share a picture of the tree behind Caroline's swing. About three weeks ago the tree was completely bare. Then, when my mom and I were out about two weeks ago with Caroline we saw the beginning of leaves on the branches. Now look at it! I wanted to post a picture so my mom could see how quickly it changed! Once again, I have been so amazed by all God has created.

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