Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Caroline is pulling up and playing ball!

Caroline started pulling up at random times a month or so ago. However it wasn't until today that she did it over and over again. Ryan would sit her down and she would do it again. She loves it and is obviously proud of herself at being able to do it. We are proud of her too! Here is a video of it, and a few pictures to follow. They are both of her so happy after standing up!

We also took a video of her playing with the mini soccer ball that Ryan got her a few weeks ago. She loves to sit in front of you and roll/throw it back and forth! It is fun to her, and to us.

As I write this, she is trying to stand up all over the room!


  1. ok thats just crazy and so adorable.. it made me cry!! how fast our munchkins grow!! oh and ps- your garden looks awesome too :)

  2. YEs, she is growing so fast! Thanks for the comment on the garden...come visit us and we'll give you some fresh veggies!

  3. What an adorable cutie patootie!! she has so much personality, I love it!!! You guys are doing an awesome job with her, she's clearly incredibly happy!!