Sunday, March 29, 2009

Picture Update
Caroline helped me make some bagel pizzas earlier this week! What a big helper!

She loves to play with playdoh these days!

Caroline also enjoys coloring. It is a big treat when we put her pictures on the fridge!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Pictures

Here is the first flower that Caroline picked for her mommy!
I was so excited and she was too!

Here is a picture of Caroline when we were heading to church last Sunday! She looked good in her spring dress!

A Big Girl Bed

This week Caroline started trying to get her legs up over her crib, so we decided to go ahead and move her to her toddler bed. (We are so thankful for the family that gave it to us!) We took her to Target last night and she picked out her own set of princess sheets and a princess blanket. She picked it out herself and loves it! She told everyone in Target she was "sleeping in her big girl bed tonight." :)

She did quite well. She didn't even get up one time! She fell asleep right away and seemed to be doing well. Ryan checked on her about 2:30 and she was laying on the floor on her pillow! We don't know if she fell out, or just decided she'd rather sleep there. She slept there the rest of the night and didn't call to get up until 8:25! She actually layed in there for 30 minutes just talking before she called for mommy! So sweet to hear her in the monitor.

Here is a picture of her showing off her bed. Her eyes are closed, but I thought it was cute.

She layed on her bed right away to try it out!

This is how we found her this morning. She doesn't sleep on a pillow, so we had layed the pillow on the floor beside her in case she fell off. So, she either fell off, or just decided to lay there instead. We didn't here her in the monitor either way.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We dressed Caroline in a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" onesie today. Well, lets just say that it is too big! Ryan was laughing after he dressed her and said she looked like a circus performer with the big poofy sleeves and tight green pants! I guess we won't be wearing this to church least not with the pants. Maybe with jeans will be better...

This past weekend we had a fun visit with Jeff, Christy, and Claire. Caroline had fun hanging out with her cousin and we had a good time going to the ACC tournament with them all! We loved our executive sky box! Go heels! (Don't forget to watch the game tomorrow...2:50)

Also, this past Friday we had the opportunity to meet Sarah at the Georgia Aquarium. Caroline looked forward to going to the "quarium on Friday" all week, and getting to see Aunt Sarah and Bobby and the "fishies." We even ate dinner at the Varsity with them and all their friends! We loved getting to spend time with them! (P.S.-take a look at the the HUGE freaky crab next to Caroline. It was as big as her!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Picture Update

Enjoying a nice warm day outside

I found this table at a consignment shop for $6 the other day.
I am working on cleaning it up, but Caroline was dying to sit at it!

Ryan and Caroline playing on his lunch break!

Caroline didn't want to slide down her slide until Daddy did it.
She went down the BIG slide at church last night and was scared to go down this one today.
We don't get it! She said, "I scared, Daddy."

Caroline's new thing is that she is also afraid of bugs (or at least pretends to be) or anything that could be a bug, like a crumb on the floor, fuzz, dirt, etc.
She freaks out and starts saying, "I scared! I scared! Get it!"
She loves to play outside and we are doing a lot of it now that we have had some warmer weather. She talks all the time and is even using complete sentences a lot. Sometimes she talks so much that we have to tell her to stop so that we can talk to each other. We didn't think that would happen this early. :) At this point in time, some of her favorite things to do are take her shoes on and off, play with her dolls, and hook buckles together (like on her highchair.)
When we get in the car she wants to do the buckle on her car seat and says, "Close the door." because she wants to do it COMPLETELY independent without you standing there. Oh well, we stand there anyway. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Picture Update

Isn't this a beautiful picture? It reminds me to be thankful for everything God has made!

Caroline loves climbing into the big chairs to sit.

Yesterday afternoon Caroline came down with a 103 fever. Poor thing, I know she felt bad.

And here she is this morning! She slept until about 9:30 and is fever free this morning.
She wanted all of her friends around her on the couch.
I hope she stays feeling well.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Snow Pictures

We went out into the snow and played for awhile again this afternoon. It was great! This time it wasn't snowing, but it was freezing! Enjoy the pictures...


A look out our front door...

Caroline was not quite sure what she thought when we first went out in the snow.

She stood still for a long time, just standing there. We had to convince her it was fun!

Still standing there...but soon after found out that sledding down our hill was fun!

Ryan and I had a small snowball fight!
It was fun, although Caroline kept saying, "Daddy, you okay?"

Picture Update
Getting her hair fixed...

Helping mommy with the laundry! She loves to take clothes out of the dryer!

Attempting to blow bubbles

My favorite shot of the week! What a beautiful girl, if I do say so myself!