Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Big Girl Bed

This week Caroline started trying to get her legs up over her crib, so we decided to go ahead and move her to her toddler bed. (We are so thankful for the family that gave it to us!) We took her to Target last night and she picked out her own set of princess sheets and a princess blanket. She picked it out herself and loves it! She told everyone in Target she was "sleeping in her big girl bed tonight." :)

She did quite well. She didn't even get up one time! She fell asleep right away and seemed to be doing well. Ryan checked on her about 2:30 and she was laying on the floor on her pillow! We don't know if she fell out, or just decided she'd rather sleep there. She slept there the rest of the night and didn't call to get up until 8:25! She actually layed in there for 30 minutes just talking before she called for mommy! So sweet to hear her in the monitor.

Here is a picture of her showing off her bed. Her eyes are closed, but I thought it was cute.

She layed on her bed right away to try it out!

This is how we found her this morning. She doesn't sleep on a pillow, so we had layed the pillow on the floor beside her in case she fell off. So, she either fell off, or just decided to lay there instead. We didn't here her in the monitor either way.

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