Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We dressed Caroline in a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" onesie today. Well, lets just say that it is too big! Ryan was laughing after he dressed her and said she looked like a circus performer with the big poofy sleeves and tight green pants! I guess we won't be wearing this to church least not with the pants. Maybe with jeans will be better...

This past weekend we had a fun visit with Jeff, Christy, and Claire. Caroline had fun hanging out with her cousin and we had a good time going to the ACC tournament with them all! We loved our executive sky box! Go heels! (Don't forget to watch the game tomorrow...2:50)

Also, this past Friday we had the opportunity to meet Sarah at the Georgia Aquarium. Caroline looked forward to going to the "quarium on Friday" all week, and getting to see Aunt Sarah and Bobby and the "fishies." We even ate dinner at the Varsity with them and all their friends! We loved getting to spend time with them! (P.S.-take a look at the the HUGE freaky crab next to Caroline. It was as big as her!)

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  1. I just checked your blog and was happy to see all the new posts! Caroline is just adorable! We miss you!