Thursday, March 12, 2009

Picture Update

Enjoying a nice warm day outside

I found this table at a consignment shop for $6 the other day.
I am working on cleaning it up, but Caroline was dying to sit at it!

Ryan and Caroline playing on his lunch break!

Caroline didn't want to slide down her slide until Daddy did it.
She went down the BIG slide at church last night and was scared to go down this one today.
We don't get it! She said, "I scared, Daddy."

Caroline's new thing is that she is also afraid of bugs (or at least pretends to be) or anything that could be a bug, like a crumb on the floor, fuzz, dirt, etc.
She freaks out and starts saying, "I scared! I scared! Get it!"
She loves to play outside and we are doing a lot of it now that we have had some warmer weather. She talks all the time and is even using complete sentences a lot. Sometimes she talks so much that we have to tell her to stop so that we can talk to each other. We didn't think that would happen this early. :) At this point in time, some of her favorite things to do are take her shoes on and off, play with her dolls, and hook buckles together (like on her highchair.)
When we get in the car she wants to do the buckle on her car seat and says, "Close the door." because she wants to do it COMPLETELY independent without you standing there. Oh well, we stand there anyway. :)

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  1. I love all the new pics Kim! I wish Hannah and Caroline lived closer, they would be best friends! Hannah likes and does almost all of the same things Caroline is doing.. except the bug thing, Hannah likes bugs and tries to catch them. Yikes! :)