Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Publix Deals

This past week a friend introduced me to a website that I now will share with you. It is http://fiddledeedeeblog.blogspot.com/

This website has a written out list of the Publix sales and BOGO (buy one get one) deals each week, along with links to printable coupons to get those items even cheaper. It also lists non-printable coupons that you can find in your Sunday paper. It is a great resource for good deals. I rarely shop at Publix because it is more expensive, but even I was impressed with the good deals I got this past week. Ryan was proud! (By the way, Publix takes competitors coupons, and doubles up to 50 cents. I believe this is true at all stores.)

So, what good deal did I get? Everything in the picture above only cost me $21.00. And at Publix! Amazing to me. To get this deal I used manufacturers, Target, BJ's, Rite Aid and Publix coupons. For example, I bought 6 boxes of Cheezits for $2.21 total. I had to buy all 6 to get that price, but that's a steal!

The following cost $21.00:

3 Big Publix paper towel rolls

2 Motts Apple Juice

2 Juicy Juice


6 boxes of Cheezits

2 boxes of Cookie Crisp

2 boxes of Ritz

French's mustard

Butter spray

I can't Believe its not butter spread

2 boxes of ziploc quart-size freezer bags

2 bags Marie Callendar croutons

2 6-packs Motts unsweetened applesauce

Pillsbury pizza dough

Check out the website and get some hints for your shopping!

Family Update
I posted a lot of pictures yesterday but thought I would update you on how we are doing here in Senoia, Georgia!
Ryan is starting off the new school year with the youth group. He has already been to a school volleyball game, had a few visitors at the youth group, a trip to Steak and Shake, and we had the youth sunday school teachers over for dinner. Things are going well. He is hoping for continued growth with the youth this year and has lots of great things planned to help guide and direct them toward the Lord. He started a discipleship class on Sunday afternoons and the youth that attend are very excited about it. It is exciting for him to see them have fun learning about the Lord.
Ryan is a great daddy to Caroline and wonderful husband to me. He even tried to take Caroline to the library last night (ended up being closed) and on a walk (started raining) so I could update pictures on the blog in a quiet house. Caroline cries when he leaves for work in the morning almost every day!
Caroline is growing so fast! She is 15 months old now and we will go for her 15-month appointment in a couple of weeks. She has been walking for a little over a month now and loves it! She is busy each day playing with toys and exploring everything around her. Reading books keeps her the most busy, as she will sit for 20 minutes at a time just looking through them. She "reads" them and it is so cute!
Caroline is a big talker. My family says that she gets that from me! Some of what she says includes: cookie, shoes, crocs, dropped it, mommy, mom, daddy, momma, doggie, tree, flower, bath, cheese, turkey, cracker, etc. She talks non-stop throughout the day! She'll even talk on the phone if someone will listen to her. :)
I am doing well. I enjoy being at home with Caroline and she really keeps me laughing some days. As I mentioned earlier, I started selling AVON again to just be able to make some extra savings money. I enjoyed selling it before, and hope that it will do well this time. I am preschool director at church and that keeps me constantly looking at ways to improve things for our children and visitors. I love looking for good deals on things we need and have recently found great deal at Publix. I will share those in a later post.
That is what is going on with our family. Our desire is to give God glory in everything we do. We enjoy our time together as a family and thank God for who He is and what He has done in our lives.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Grandma's 100th Birthday

A few weekends ago we went to North Carolina for a quick weekend (if you can call Thursday pm-Sat pm a weekend!). It was my great-grandma's 100th birthday and we attended a fun party for her! We also got to spend some time with my grandma and at my grandpa's house before it was sold. We will really miss the backyard.

Here are a few of our pictures, but you can also find more on my brother's website at http://www.flwards.blogspot.com. He even has some video of Grandma Snider playing the piano at 100 years old! Praise the Lord for the live she has lived and the christian legacy she has passed down.

Caroline and Connor

We were so glad to get to swing in that back yard one more time!

MawMaw, Caleb and Claire enjoying Dairy Queen!

Grandpa holding the babies, who aren't quite babies any more!

Andy, this picture is for you! Mom and Uncle Rufus

Great Grandma Snider

Our family with Grandma

5 generations. My MawMaw is the only one missing. We wish she could have been there!

Grandma with her 7 of her 8 children.

Grandma and her grandchildren that were at the party.

Grandma with her great-grandchildren who were able to be there.

Grandma with her great-great-grandchildren who were at the party.

Recent Pictures

She figured out how to get into our tub! (without falling on her head)

Eating her snack on our bed, so I could clean our bathroom!

Messy, messy!

Just a picture to show her hair getting longer! Caroline LOVES books! She can be found doing this most of the day!

The first video is of Caroline dancing. You have to be patient as the funniest dancing comes at the end. It's not the best video because it is with my camera. The second video is Caroline making some animal sounds. She loves it!

Our Garden

Some of you have asked how are garden has been doing. We have enjoyed having fresh green beans (although few), grape tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and zuchini. We even have one bell pepper growing right now! For about 6 weeks we harvested a dozen or more tomatoes a day. We made spaghetti sauce with them, gave them to friends, and ate them on salads. It was great! We are still getting tomatoes every few days, with lots more to harvest if they don't get eaten by animals by then. Here are some pictures of our harvests over the past few months.

Some Pictures from July

Caroline cracks us up with this face. She makes it quite often now. She knows she funny.

Another funny face...

What a cutie!

Ready to leave for church...

Up to something...see the toilet paper on the floor...trying to get my brush.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Your AVON Lady!

Well, I am back selling AVON again! I enjoyed it when I lived in Orlando, and decided to do it here again. It is something I enjoy, although I am not the go-getter pushy sellsman. I just like to get orders from those who need/want something, and put it all together. I like the organization of it, I guess. Anyway, all this to say, I'd like to be your AVON lady. :)

You can order from my website at www.youravon.com/kvermilyea and get FREE SHIPPING all the time! Just enter the COUPON code: REP10. My favorite things to buy are gift ideas, stocking stuffers, lotions, and small items to have on hand for encouragement to friends. If you check the website out, the best thing to do is click shop now, then online brochure, and pick one to look at. Thanks for checking it out!

free shipping coupon code: REP10

I will get more pictures up soon I hope! In the mean time, check out my brother's website for pictures from our visit to North Carolina for my Great-grandma's 100th birthday! www.flwards.blogspot.com