Friday, August 22, 2008

Your AVON Lady!

Well, I am back selling AVON again! I enjoyed it when I lived in Orlando, and decided to do it here again. It is something I enjoy, although I am not the go-getter pushy sellsman. I just like to get orders from those who need/want something, and put it all together. I like the organization of it, I guess. Anyway, all this to say, I'd like to be your AVON lady. :)

You can order from my website at and get FREE SHIPPING all the time! Just enter the COUPON code: REP10. My favorite things to buy are gift ideas, stocking stuffers, lotions, and small items to have on hand for encouragement to friends. If you check the website out, the best thing to do is click shop now, then online brochure, and pick one to look at. Thanks for checking it out!
free shipping coupon code: REP10

I will get more pictures up soon I hope! In the mean time, check out my brother's website for pictures from our visit to North Carolina for my Great-grandma's 100th birthday!

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