Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We have had a very busy July so far, but it has been good! Here is just a glance at our summer fun!

Cow Appreciation Day!

We have a blast getting ready for Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. We are even going to save our stuff so we are ready for next year's event. We all had fun meeting another family up there for a free lunch.

Georgia Aquarium

We visited the aquarium with our Orlando/PC friends, the Jarvis'. We had a great time watching Caroline and Hannah have fun together. Caroline seemed to like the fish and other animals, especially the sea lion. If you want to check out a video from that day, see the Jarvis' website .

Georgia Aquarium July 2008


There is a family in the church that has had us over several times to get fresh fruits and veggies! Everything from watermelon and cantaloupe, to squash and corn! Yummy! We went back over this past week because they had saved some peaches for Caroline to pick off their peach tree. She kept saying "ball" and throwing them. (Not exactly great for peaches!) When we tried to stand Caroline up under the tree she wouldn't stand in the grass. You will see in the pictures! Ryan also got a picture of me in the corn rows. Looks like a scary movie!

Picking Peaches and Corn

Cousins' Camp

Our pastor and his wife hold Cousins' Camp each summer for a week. They had 10 grandchildren here with them for this summer's camp this week! Today Mrs. Anne invited me and Caroline to join them for lunch at the Chick-fil-a headquarters (YUM!) and to swim at a nearby pool. We had a great time and not only were able to help her drive the kids, but also got to spend some time getting to know her grandkids! They LOVED Caroline and argued over whose turn it was to hold her. It was quite funny. The picture in the pool shows Mrs. Anne with Caroline and all the kids that swarmed over to her when she got in the pool! Caroline had fun getting some extra attention today.

(Truett Cathy owns the Batman car and costume from Batman Returns.)

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  1. YAY! I am so happy yall did the cow thing! I really wanted to, but my sweet husband said no to dressing up. I think we will do it next year!