Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Publix Deals

This past week a friend introduced me to a website that I now will share with you. It is http://fiddledeedeeblog.blogspot.com/

This website has a written out list of the Publix sales and BOGO (buy one get one) deals each week, along with links to printable coupons to get those items even cheaper. It also lists non-printable coupons that you can find in your Sunday paper. It is a great resource for good deals. I rarely shop at Publix because it is more expensive, but even I was impressed with the good deals I got this past week. Ryan was proud! (By the way, Publix takes competitors coupons, and doubles up to 50 cents. I believe this is true at all stores.)

So, what good deal did I get? Everything in the picture above only cost me $21.00. And at Publix! Amazing to me. To get this deal I used manufacturers, Target, BJ's, Rite Aid and Publix coupons. For example, I bought 6 boxes of Cheezits for $2.21 total. I had to buy all 6 to get that price, but that's a steal!

The following cost $21.00:

3 Big Publix paper towel rolls

2 Motts Apple Juice

2 Juicy Juice


6 boxes of Cheezits

2 boxes of Cookie Crisp

2 boxes of Ritz

French's mustard

Butter spray

I can't Believe its not butter spread

2 boxes of ziploc quart-size freezer bags

2 bags Marie Callendar croutons

2 6-packs Motts unsweetened applesauce

Pillsbury pizza dough

Check out the website and get some hints for your shopping!

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