Friday, November 7, 2008

It's my Honey's birthday!

Okay, okay, I know that Kim is usually the one that posts on this blog. But today I’m taking a crack at it because this is a very special day. Today, Kim is turning another year older. Now, I’m not going to tell you exactly how old that is because it is not polite to tell a woman’s age. I will tell you that she was born in Phoenix, AZ, in 19—oops, almost gave it away there. She went to UCF like I did and graduated in –ahh, it almost slipped out again! I know: I will tell you one reason I love her for every year of her life. I will let you do the math should you so choose. That shouldn’t get me in trouble…right?

*She loves the Lord with all of her heart.
*She is really creative and knows more than a thing or two about interior decorating.
*She has a beautiful singing voice.
*She loves staying home with Caroline.
*She knows to order my CFA sandwich with no pickle.
*She introduced me to Cheerwine (don't worry, it's a soft drink).
*She is completely loyal to UCF football and UNC basketball.
*She would totally rock an “air drums” competition!
*She is the best cook in the world. (If you know her at all, this goes without saying.)
*She still reaches for my hand every time we pray.
*She leaves her phone alarm on “Everyday,” but forgets it when she goes to bed (picture hide-and-seek with the phone at 6:15am)
*She has coupons for practically every store in America, and she knows how to use them.
*She is a good running partner.
*She makes sure that I am color-coordinated before I walk out the door.
*She keeps me laughing.
*She has a pretty crazy laugh herself.
*She supports me unconditionally in the ministry.
*She does great impersonations of some Southern Gospel singers.
*She is okay driving a nine-year old CR-V, but dreams of a new Odyssey some day.
*She can spot a good deal at a garage sale from a mile away.
*She secretly gives me sweet tea (ugh!) just to watch me wince from the unexpected taste.
*She is organizationally gifted (which is good for a pack rat like me).
*She worked hard to support us while I was in seminary.
*She surprises me with chocolate milk when she goes to the grocery store.
*She encourages me when I get discouraged.
*She does not mind getting Caroline up by herself so I can go run sometimes.
*She knows how to fold my socks.
*She asks for the phone when the telemarketers call.
*She has a gorgeous smile.
*She loves me…in spite of me.

Happy birthday, Kim! I love you more each day.



  1. Ryan, this is SO sweet and thoughtful. She is blessed to have you!

  2. Happy Birthday Kim! Hope you have a great day!