Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Carter Luke Vermilyea - Part 6

Ryan and I just spent the day loving on Carter. My mom hung out with Caroline during the day and visited with me and Carter some too. Ryan and I had some time to begin to talk, work, and pray through all that had changed so quickly (to our knowledge, but not the Lord’s, of course). It was so emotional at times. It is hard to explain. Maybe in the next post.
There were lots of joys during the day. All the nurses said Carter was the cutest little man they had ever seen. Carter nursed way better than Caroline ever did. The nurses were the best ever…and really took wonderful care of me and Carter. (And they were never there unless you needed them!) It really allowed my mom and Ryan to care for Caroline and be there for me emotionally.

My dad was supposed to come up the day after Carter was born, but when he heard about Carter’s arm, he left right away. It was a blessing to us to have him with us, and meant so much to me to hug my dad that day. He got in around 10:00 that night and came to our room to meet Carter. What a special time. I can see it so clearly in my mind.

Oh, and Ryan took Caroline out to dinner that night. She got to choose where to go…and where did she choose? Waffle House. Yea, that was odd. But, it made for a good laugh. And yes, that’s where they went.

(read more tomorrow)

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