Saturday, March 27, 2010

It was two weeks later when it came time for the Level 2 ultrasound. We went into this ultrasound with the same ideas as before…trusting that God was in control and was Creator.

An assistant began the ultrasound before the doctor came in. She spent a lot of time looking and finally asked, “Does anyone in your families have birth defects?” We answered no. She said she was having trouble finding it too. When the doctor came in, she said right away that she could see the right hand and forearm. We were quite relieved! She checked the rest of his body, and said she couldn’t see the left arm and hand, but that she was not able to get him to roll because he was so big! Her words were, “I can’t see both arms, but I can see the right arm and hand, and if they saw the left, then it is all there.”

We left, relieved about the news. Not because we didn’t want a child with one hand, but for all the same reasons as before. Life can be hard enough at times, and we didn’t want any extra struggles for our child. However, we both said that there was a part of us that wouldn’t believe it until we saw him for ourselves. We still trusted God to be growing and forming our child.

After that day, we never really talked about it again because both hands/arms had been seen. That was at 35 weeks or so. A few days before our son was born, I never even thought about it at all.

(read more tomorrow)

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