Friday, February 29, 2008

The first crawl...
Well, it has happened! Caroline has been trying so hard to get on all fours this past week or so. She always gets one leg stuck under her. These past two days she has gotten up on all fours a few times, but just rocked back and forth. Tonight, she got up on all fours and then actually crawled a few "steps" or whatever you would call it. She was so slow and particular about it, really paying attention to what she was doing. It was neat to see, but I immediately thought about how interesting things will be now!

Caroline has been able to move lately even though she isn't crawling. She slides on her bottom and rolls around. Yesterday she was getting really close to the fireplace and right when she got near the tile I said "Caroline, no." She actually stopped and turned and looked at me. I was impressed that she did this, then it turned funny. After turning and looking at me, she smiled really big. It was so hard not to laugh. Two more times she turned around and got closer to the fireplace and I told her no. She stopped again, looked, and smiled real big. The next time she did it, she just stared at the ceiling real still when I told her no. Then, one more time she moved toward the fireplace, I said no again, then she turned part way around and started giggling. It was so funny! I picked her up and moved her. I know it probably doesn't sound funny on here, but it was quite funny when it was happening. It is just the beginning, I know!

Here is a picture of the back of Caroline's head. It shows how much hair she is getting.

Update on the Prayer requests I mentioned in the last post:

*Hunter-feeling much better and went to school today

*Dustin-actually making some progress. They took him off kidney dialysis today to let his kidneys work on their own. They hope he holds where he is now and will maybe change some more things tomorrow. Here is a link to his Carepage if you would like to receive all the updates yourself or leave an encouraging message for the family. You have to creat a log in and pass word, then look his page up by typing his carepage name, DustinFuller. (Click here.)

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  1. Hey guys!

    Glad to hear all the praise reports and read about how things are going with yall. I also love seeing Caroline's pictures. Thanks for keeping us updated. Hope to come visit soon!