Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fun Pictures

Caroline went down for a nap the other day and I went in to check on her after a few minutes. She was sound asleep with her hand holding onto the crib rails! It was so funny. Ryan came home and got to see it before we moved her!

The other day Caroline was playing on the floor and she fell over into her empty toy basket. It flipped and she just laid in it for awhile. It was funny! She was even kind of laughing!

Caroline in her new headband...


For a year or so now I have been reading about "Geocaching" in Family Fun Magazines and others. It is basically a big scavenger hunt to find coordinates using a GPS. At each place there is a box or something to log your visit and sometimes trade fun objects. (Read about it online...there are better explanations!) Well, we decided to try it out yesterday and went on our first trip. We found one near a neat little waterfall! Maybe it will be something fun for us to do as a family.

Playing in her PJs...

Playing with Daddy...


  1. Kim,
    Hey I read about geocacheing too, in Southern Living, so I researched it online. There are tons around here. Jon and I thinking about biking and doing it. Did you enjoy it? Was it okay with Caroline? We have three little ones so I don't know. It sounds like a good idea for excersice even if we just walk about push the stroller. Apparently ours are along the bike trail in town. So it all works well.
    Hope you are enjoying Georgia as much as we are. :)
    Christina Scroggins.

  2. I love the new pics of Caroline!! The one with the pink and white hat is soo adorable! She's so cute! I hope one day we can get her and Hannah together to play. They'd have so much fun together! :) - The Jarvis'