Thursday, February 28, 2008

We are doing well here! It has been a busy but good week. Caroline is growing so much and I can see that before too long my day will be quite different. Yesterday morning Caroline got on her knees all by herself, completely. She tries to all the time, but always has one foot stuck under her. I thought Ryan had helped her get on her knees, but he didn't. She hasn't done it since then, but it won't be long! She doesn't seem to care that she isn't crawling yet, though. She can get from one side of the room to the other in a matter of minutes by scooting along on her little bottom. It is quite amusing. So, even though she isn't crawling yet, I still have to keep up with her more than before she was mobile. I can only imagine what crawling will bring!

Prayer requests:
We have a lot of health things going on in our church right now, so here are some requests if you would like to be praying.
*Dustin- an 19 year old at our church who has a staff infection. His body went into septic shock over a week ago and he has had several close calls since then. Today they decided to remove him from a ventilator for his blood/lungs because he had really made some great progress the last 24 hours. When they did, his medical status dropped quickly. They had to rush to begin surgery to place him on an EMCO machine. Well, when they opened his side to insert part of the EMCO, a lot of gasses were realized. At this time, this seems to be a blessing because it realized pressure on his lungs, and he started being able to use his lungs again! So, now, they have put the EMCO on the back burner again. Just pray for healing for him, and for his mom Michelle and her parents. Today is Dustin's 19th birthday.
*Hunter- young man in the youth group who has pneumonia


Caroline LOVES eating cheerios! Here was a funny picture a few days ago. She didn't even know the cheerio was there.

The fan was on and she couldn't stop staring at it.

She was really checking out her sock.

Working hard on crawling. She is in the position most of the day.

Just smiling

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