Monday, February 25, 2008

Thank you for your prayers!

Caroline had her appointment with the pediatric orthopedic doctor this morning. It was a very positive experience and we left very pleased with what we learned. The doctor was great and Caroline was actually giggling and laughing uncontrollably while he was doing all these things/tests with her legs, feet, knees and arms. He did some measuring with the x-rays and said that everything looked right on target for her. The discrepancies on the x-ray were actually not abnormal for her age. It was just something to do with calcification. He did some more precise measuring and said that the difference in leg length is more like 1 cm., then 1/2 inch, which is slightly less than measured at the pediatrician. (We don't know if it was measured wrong at the pediatrician, or if God had begun to heal the difference in length! We choose to believe that God has been healing her, as we have prayed!) He told us that the internet will scare us if we look up leg length discrepancy and it will tell you all the procedures used to fix that. He told us that he does not see any reason why she would ever need those things done. She didn't have other signs of abnormal growth. He wants to monitor her and see her in 6 months to make sure the discrepancy in leg length is not getting bigger, and it may even be the same by then. What a relief to leave there on that note. We praise the Lord for a positive appointment. We give Him all the glory. Thank you for praying for us.


Caroline dressed for church on Sunday morning:

Caroline playing:

Hanging out with Daddy:

Ryan buzzed his head on Saturday night, but first he made a mohawk for a picture at my request:

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