Thursday, November 1, 2007

Return to Senoia, Caroline Jumping, and a Pounding

After a wonderful visit to Florida to see family, Ryan, Caroline, and I have returned to our house full of boxes! We returned home on Tuesday night and have been working hard to get the house situated. We are making progress, but still have so far to go! We got a surprise visit from Jeff(my older brother), Christy, Caleb, Claire, and Connor yesterday afternoon! We knew we were going to see them in Atlanta sometime over the weekend, but were delighted to have them visit us at our new home. Caleb loved our big backyard, where we discovered we have some BIG red ant hills, and the rest of the family seemed to like our new place, despite the boxes and unfinished look all around. We look forward to seeing them again tomorrow!

Last night we ventured out to our first church event at First Baptist Senoia. (Caroline dressed as a banana!) We went to the fall festival where we were able to meet and mingle with some of the church families. We talked with a few youth and some couples we had previously met. It is amazing how God works, as I met some stay at home moms, one with a son only a few months older than Caroline. It is her third child, with two older that she homeschools. Anyway, I was just excited to have met some women who are at home like me, that I have the potential to build friendships with! Thank you, Lord! What is really cool, is that this one lady graduated from UCF, and even went to Parkway in Orlando while she was attending college! To all my UCF/Orlando friends, isn't that wild? It is such a small world, and God works in such awesome ways to bring that connection here to Senoia. I will continue to be praying for us to build friendships and to give God the glory for it all. Last night was the first step of many in the process, but it was encouraging!

While at the church, we were given a "Pounding" from the church family. For those of you who don't know, a pounding is where they give you non-perishables to fill your pantry! (pound of sugar, pound of flour, etc.) It was such a blessing to us and we are so grateful for the kindness of the church family we are now a part of. Everyone was so kind!

Well, while in Florida Caroline got to use a "jumping thing" (as I called it) when we were in Panama City. She loved it! So, while in Melbourne we found one on sale on Craigs List. We got her one, and have included a video on here of her jumping in it! She really enjoys it. Of course, as soon as I uploaded the video, she really got moving in it, which would have made a better video! I am sure the video will be boring to anyone but me, and maybe the grandparents, but ths proud mom had to post it anyway! Ok, as soon as I said we included the video, it didn't work! are some pictures instead! Maybe we can get a video up soon!


  1. I have had so much fun reading everything & looking at the CUTE pictures!! You guys are so sweet!! Sorry we did not get to see you, but it looks like you were very busy. Hey....what is the ladies name that you met? Just curious. Lori

  2. Hey Lori! I am glad you have enjoyed looking at our blog. We are sorry we missed you, too! Her name is Michelle Felton, I believe. I don't know that that was her name when she was at UCF/Parkway. She was there 1990-92, I think she said. I think maybe her husband's name is Dave? (I really don't have a clue about that!)