Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Caroline!

We are thankful for Caroline's life and wanted to celebrate her 6 months with you by putting up a few pictures from the day for you to enjoy! She is such a sweetheart and had a busy day running errands with me, but I got a few good pictures while we were home. Ryan dressed her that morning, and specifically put her in the polka dots....I think they turned out great!

She loves playing in her exercauser, playing with her toes, and eating time! :) As you can see from the one picture in the high chair, she started leaning over to grab her toes! On Tuesday, she grabbed her toes while on her changing table and actually got them all the way in her mouth! What flexibility!

We are all doing well. Work is going well for Ryan and the church has really been kind to us. They really love Caroline and she never lacks for attention there. We are always told what a good baby she is, and how they never see her cry!

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