Sunday, November 4, 2007


These past few days have been full of lots of "firsts"! First, November 1st (first) was Ryan's first day of work at the church. He had a good day, spent in a meeting and getting his office somewhat situated. It was also the first day that I had at home with Ryan working during the day! (Remember, he worked nights before, so it was very different.) On Friday (Ryan's first day off) and Saturday, we got to visit with Jeff and Christy and the kids as they were in Stone Mountain for the weekend. We met them at a place called Bread Beckers in Woodstock, then we went to First Baptist Woodstock for the first time. We went there because someone at Chickfila said they had a great public park for the kids! Caroline and Connor even swung on the swings. (It was Caroline's first time in a swing like this!)It was the coolest church park I have ever seen...what a great ministry to the community families. Ryan walked into the church and said it was massive. Even had escalators in it!
On Saturday, we had our first day visiting Atlanta as Georgia residents! We met Jeff and Christy and the kids at The Varsity, then went to IKEA for the first time. It was an awesome store with lots of cool good prices too!
Today was Ryan's first Sunday with the youth. He did a great job and the youth really seemed to enjoy him, too. Caroline took a nap in the crib at the nursery today, too, for the first time ever! She usually plays and plays all morning. This time, however, she was the only baby, so she must have been worn out from all the attention! After church we ate at the local "Country Buffet" with half the other residents of Senoia for the first time. Ryan figured today was as good a day as any to check it out!
So, anyway, that is our weekend of firsts. I am sure most of you find some of our firsts pretty cheesy (as we did), but we thought it would make a fun topic on here!

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