Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Caroline is such a cutie and I thought I would share this picture of her that I took earlier this afternoon. She was hanging out in her Bumbo seat while I was trying to finish unpacking/putting away things in her room. (As you can see from the background of the picture, it is not done yet!) We have had a good day, starting with a quick trip to Publix this morning, then my first trip to the Senoia Post Office. Once again, everyone is so nice everywhere we go...just like Wake Forest!

Ryan has had a good week so far also, with a Deacon's meeting last night. I also had a WMU (Women's Missionary Union, for those who don't know) that Caroline had to attend with me. It started with eating (which seems to be a common occurence here!), then a devotion, then planning for the next few months! My calendar is already filling up, but with things that I will enjoy. I just have to figure out what I can and can't do with Caroline by my side! All the women loved on Caroline and thought she was so sweet. She gave them back the sweetest smile that only brought more "oohing" and "ahhing".

Some of you know that I was on Weight Watchers and lost 35 pounds prior to getting pregnant with Caroline. Well, I have been trying to be back on it the past month or so, but it has been difficult with moving, traveling, and homemade food at church! So, I share this, because God contiues to provide, as there is a big Weight Watchers place about 10 minutes or so away, next to Publix and Chick-fil-a! I will venture to my first meeting there tomorrow morning. I have been working hard, but the encouragement will be good.

Well, dinner is in the oven, Caroline is playing beside me, and I am ready to eat! :) We hope you are all well!

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