Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's been a long time...

It sure has been awhile since we posted on the blog! And we have lots of pictures to show for our time away! We will try to catch you up!

My grandma came to visit just after we posted last time. We enjoyed her being here for a couple of days...especially Caroline! As you can see from the picture, we enjoyed playing lots of games together while Caroline was sleeping. :)

Caroline is 10 months old! (This green grass is in Florida!) We went to Jacksonville a few weekends ago to visit our friends the Witts. We hadn't seen them since we moved from Wake Forest. We had a great visit with them and their girls. Caroline started really crawling at their house. She had to try to keep up with Hannah and Sophie!

While we were in Jacksonville we also got to see Becca and Brighton (we missed John)! It worked out that they were visiting friends there the same day! We hadn't seen them since we moved either. It was a refreshing weekend with great friends. We ate dinner with the Witts and the Sellers and had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures from our dinner and fun time afterwards.

We went to church at First Baptist Jacksonville with the Witts on Sunday morning, then headed on to Orlando. We went to Orlando because Ryan was attending a Youth Leadership conference on Monday and Tuesday at Universal. We were just glad it was in Orlando so we could visit family at the same time! We spent the beginning of the week in Orlando with Ryan's family. Our new niece, Mia, was born a week or so before we got there, so we were glad to get to meet and spend some time with her also.

Orlando Visit March 2008

We got to get a new family picture with the Vermilyea side of the family while we were all in town.

Vermilyea Family Pictures

The middle of the week we went to Melbourne to spend time with my parents. We enjoyed our time with them. Caroline and Ryan even went swimming in the pool! She sure loves water!

Melbourne Visit March 2008

Caroline pulled herself up to standing for the first time a week ago! I peeked in on her while she was napping, and this is what I saw:

Here is Caroline dressed for Easter morning! It was quite chilly.

Here she is in a cute dress she wore on Saturday on our outings. She looks so grown up!

Here she is dressed for church today!

Her hair is getting we can make it look funny in the bath!

And this is the living room after a long evening with Ryan gone.

Hopefully it won't take so long to update next time!


  1. WOW what wonderful pics! It was so good to see them! I know yall had fun with the Witts! Thanks for including pics of them too!

  2. I can't believe how fast she is growing!!!! You guys look great!!