Sunday, March 9, 2008

Caroline is starting to pull up on everything, or at least trying to.

She woke up from a nap while I was in the middle of folding laundry on Saturday. Here she is sitting in the pile of it. She seemed to like it. It was quite funny, because she sat still and didn't move until I was almost done folding!

Caroline was exhausted the other day and the only place she fell asleep was in my arms. We laid her on our bed, because I couldn't lift her into the crib. She was very comfy!

Ryan and I both loved the dress Caroline wore to church today. She looked more like a little girl than a baby. A woman at the church gave her this bunny today, for Easter, I think. It sings Jesus Loves Me.

We had some flurries until around 12:00 on Saturday. Caroline and I watched it fall for a little bit.


  1. Hey I made a diaper cake. Thanks for the directions. It turned out ok. :) Check it out my blog. Thanks again for the help and the terrific idea.

  2. she is soo adorable!! I can't wait for her and Hannah to play together one day. :)