Monday, September 15, 2008

Some funny stories!
(at least funny to us)

So last night we put Caroline to bed in her crib. She cried for a minute or so, then started saying, "I thirsty! I thirsty!" We laughed because we realized she was starting to make those excuses for getting out of bed! She had JUST had a drink, so we knew she wasn't thirsty. She only asked a few times, then went to sleep.

Today Caroline and I went by a doctor's office to pick up a few Avon orders from a lady from church. As soon as Caroline saw her, she said, "Cookie, please. Cookie?" This lady is her Sunday school teacher who gives her animal crackers at church, and Caroline hadn't forgotten that last time we were at the doctor's office she gave her a baggie full. She doesn't forget important things like cookies!

She also didn't forget that last time we were in Publix a lady in the bakery gave her a cookie. We were in there today, and when we walked past the bakery section, Caroline screamed "cookie" when she saw them! Of course, they gave her a cookie!

Ryan took Caroline to a volleyball game at the middle school this evening. She had fun watching the game and actually sat on his lap for awhile to watch. She got excited every time they served the ball.

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  1. How cute!! I can't believe she's talking so much! John doesn't say antyhing yet, except maybe Da da every now and then. Nathan and I were just talking about him not talking last night. It's crazy how different boys and girls are!