Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well, it has been quite awhile since I was able to last blog. There has been so much going on the last few weeks, but I am finally getting a chance to update some pictures! I am going to kind of go backwards so that you can see the latest, first. So, here are our latest sets of pictures! Just click on the picture and you can see more of Caroline eating cereal for the first time. She was sleeping so well through the night for quite awhile, then, at the end of our trip to Florida, she started waking up throughout the night again. So, we thought she may be ready for cereal! Thanks, grandma, for the advice! Caroline enjoyed it, and has been sleeping good ever since. As the doctor said, formula just wasn't enough anymore! Enjoy these pictures! I will try to put a video up too! (We'll see...)
Caroline-First Cereal Sept 4 2007

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