Friday, December 14, 2012

A Great Purchase

**the picture link above shows the price as $29.99. However, if you click on the picture you will see it is $16.99!**

This morning on Amazon I saw this Scotch Laminator is the Deal of the Day! It is a great purchase that I made many years ago. I have used it for home projects, church projects, kid projects, and gift projects. It has been such a useful item. And what better time to buy one than now, when it is less expensive than I have ever seen it!

Be sure to check it out. Maybe it would be a good Christmas gift for yourself or someone else! 

(Just click on the picture to check it out.)

Have you made any great purchase that became more useful than you ever expected?

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  1. I just saw that in my email too! A great deal! I love my laminator! Have a blessed day! Nice catching up!

  2. Hey Penny! HOpe you guys are well! I think Wyatt would love that Boz DVD I am doing a giveaway for, so if you don't have it, go enter! There are not many entries yet, and you can enter up to 6 times!