Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kitchen Gadgets

I am not usually a fan of lots of different kitchen gadgets because I  find I rarely use them. However, I have been receiving fresh garlic for months from Annie's Buying Club and try to use if often. The thing is, I didn't know how to properly cut up or mince fresh garlic.  

Until yesterday.

I was at a MOPS meeting at our church and the ladies were talking about a garlic press. And that with a press, I don't even have to peel the garlic. I am so excited. I knew what I needed!  

So, here is what I ordered this morning!  

Do you have a garlic press? If not, order one and we can try it out together!

1 comment:

  1. No, I don't have a garlic press; I cheat and buy the garlic that's already minced in the jar at the grocery store. Maybe I should invest in one. Let me know how you like it.