Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thankful to the Lord

For those of you who don't know, I have been pretty much couch-bound for the past week or so. About two weeks ago I started having some pains and found out last week that I had a pilonidal cyst w/abcess. Because those are on your tailbone, it hurt to move in anyway and to sit down. This past Monday, I had to got to the doctor and have it taken care of, and am now healing from that procedure and the healing process that comes along with it, called "open healing." I won't describe it on here. Nonetheless, it is a healing process that requires not much movement on my part, and a daily visit by a nurse.

I write all this to give praise to the Lord. Throughout this process, which has not always been easy, He has shown His mercy to our family. He has reminded us how much people at our church care for us as they have provided a few meals this week, watched Caroline each day since I cannot, and provided our pastor's wife to be my nurse each day. People have cared for each of us and we are especially grateful to those who have kept Caroline. I am grateful to Ryan for all he has done, from working from home, taking care of Caroline, keeping the house in order, to taking care of me

We are not sure how long the healing process will take, but continue to pray for God to provide people to help watch Caroline this coming week if need be. We are hoping that I will be able to keep her, but we will have to see how things go tomorrow. We also are praying for little to no pain as I have my time with the nurse each day. We are praying for complete healing of this cyst, as it has a chance of returning. I don't want to go through this again. We are also praying that Caroline will continue to go with the flow as she has been in new situations all week. Pray with us, if you would, for these requests.

Pictures of the Day

Caroline looked so cute in her capris. This is what Ryan dressed her in this morning.

Caroline's new entertainment is standing up to play with the straps in her highchair.

Caroline's dinner turned out pretty messy tonight!

Recent Videos
(for those who aren't grandparents, sorry there are so many. but we knew they'd want to see them)

Caroline sat in her highchair on the floor during her dinner so that I could feed her from the couch. Sitting in this new place must have made her really talkative.

A family from church gave Caroline this Winnie the Pooh rocking thingie. Something doesn't sound right when Ryan asks Caroline, "Do you want to sit on Pooh?"

Caroline loves standing in her crib. Every time we go in to get her up, she doesn't come out without a struggle. Isn't she supposed to practically jump out when she has the chance?

Caroline's always loved dancing, and just because she is pulling up to her feet now doesn't mean that has changed one bit!


  1. My kids think the video of Caroline talking in her highchair is hilarious! They crack up when she looks directly at the camera and let's loose with the sounds! Connor talks back to her each time we play it...he must understand her language! :)

  2. So glad to hear that things are going well and that you are improving. I had a friend who had a cyst drained and (the whole open healing bit) but it was on her shoulder bone, so a little easier to live through. So I knew this was not a pretty situation for you. Praying that you will improve dramatically in the coming week. PTL for all the wonderful help you have had!

  3. I can't believe how big Caroline is! It is so fun to see your pictures!