Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It sure has been a long time since I posted anything! We have been so busy that putting new pictures up or posts has been the last thing on my plate. We have been doing well. Since our last post, we have been to Panama City for Thanksgiving where we stayed with my older brother's family. My parents came too and we had a nice holiday. Caroline had fun playing with Connor! We all enjoyed being there!

The week after Thanksgiving proved to be a busy one for Caroline and I. We went up to church on Monday and Thursday to help decorate the church for Christmas and make Lottie Moon Tea Cakes(cookies) to kick off the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. (We gave them out to everyone on Sunday at church.) We had fun and all the ladies loved having Caroline around.

The first weekend in December was Ryan's ordination. It was a really special time for Ryan and our family, and the church really took it seriously. They had a wonderful service and reception to follow, after Ryan's questioning time that afternoon. Some of Ryan's family was able to come for the ordination. We are so glad they could be here to be a part of this special time.

We have been to a few Christmas parties/celebrations already and are continuing to get to know people. We are continuing to pray for friends and for God's plan to be clear in all we do.

Here is a picture of our family in front of a tree at church. We love the picture! If you click on it you can see other pictures from this past month.

Caroline-6 months

Also, this past weekend I hosted a table at our church's Women's Celebration. Here are some pictures of my chocolate theme. Thanks to Christy for sending me the idea!

Women's Celebration Chocolate Table Decorations

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