Friday, October 19, 2007

Well, we have finally moved and officially moved to Georgia! We packed up in Wake Forest on Tuesday and headed for Senoia on Wednesday. For those of you who don't know, Ryan got a job as youth minister at a church in Senoia, Georgia and will start in a few weeks. He is very excited about all God has for him there. We also know that God has great things planned for our family here, even though it was really hard leaving Wake Forest. We had a wonderful time there and were blessed with great friends, and great church, and a great Seminary experience. If you would, be praying for our family as we adjust to life in little Senoia (which we really like) and to the new journey that is in front of us. Pray for friends for Caroline and I as we spend days at home. I am so excited for Ryan, as I know how God uses him with youth. We will put some pictures up soon!
A big thanks to my dad for helping Ryan load the truck and driving the Penske for us and helping us get our new home together.

We give glory to God for the ways we have seen him provide over this past week!


  1. How cool that you and I will live close together!! Email me when things settle down and let's get together. I can't wait to meet Caroline!

  2. Will do. Make sure you email me your contact information again.
    Hope you are doing well!